528 Blown Fuel Injected Hemi


I have been looking for a way for me to have better stopping power. Manual breaks were just not giving me the comfort I wanted, even with 4 wheel disk brakes I really had to push hard to get the monster to stop. Sometimes, I wasn't sure if I would in time.

I wanted to go power, but didn't have enough room for the vacuum booster. I have plenty of vacuum so it would have been a good answer.

Than I ran into a fellow that had a Hemi Cuda, and he had the hydraboost brake setup on his car. Once I saw it, I knew this is what I needed.

Since I was pulling the motor to make some modifications, I decided to look deep into the braking system. I called and talked with Paul at Hydratech Braking Systems. Paul answered all my questions and I ordered the kit in April of 2005. http://www.hydratechbraking.com

The kit was pretty easy to install, very little mods were needed. The best thing was it fit nicely, and even better than that, this monster stops like it says, "On A Dime". Its like driving a modern day car. Stopping takes very little effort. Everyone who wants more comfort with stopping needs to explore this....